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Pompous Obama Fails To Impress

September 8th, 2011

The old magic is gone. Even sour-puss Michelle wasn’t clapping.  Sitting with union goon Richard Trumpka [whose Longshoremen had vandalized a freight yard in Washington today] and GE job shipper Jeffrey Immelt, she scowled throughout the speech. It will be another frosty night upstairs in the WH tonight. Obama could have been conciliatory. He could have […]

BHO Jr To Channel FDR and JFK

September 7th, 2011

With his poll ratings and election chances slithering low across the desert sand like a sidewinder, Obama has to pull off a ‘Magic Speech‘ Thursday night to even get a D-minus. I don’t think it’s in his DNA. I don’t think it will be loaded into his teleprompter. Forget his delivery; – if the words […]