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The Left has had an ongoing anti-gun / anti-NRA narrative for years, and they are constantly frustrated when the facts and the shooters don’t fit neatly into it. True,  Connor Betts DID use an AR with 100-round double-drum magazine to kill his sister and 8 others,…it turns out he was an eager apostle for socialism.  […]

WHO You Gonna CALL Charlie Baker?

September 14th, 2018

Folks,  if you elect people to enact and administer FEEL GOOD POLICIES,  – you’ll find they are absent or helpless when all hell breaks loose.  THINK before you vote!

The Philips Lighting plant in Fall River is moving – to Mexico,  – away from the know-it-all Massachusetts Legislature,  – where Progressives and Gays can only think of filling the so-called “tax gap”. Brain-dead and corrupt,  Senator Squaw and her Ice Cream Man sidekick are ranting for President Trump “to do something” to save 160 […]

The RiNO wing of the Massachusetts Democrat Party have selected their candidate to attempt a run next year against Senator Screeching Squaw. The Romney-Weld-Baker Cabal have chosen Beth Lindstrom.   You don’t NEED to know anything about her;  – they’ve made their PICK!   Screw you!

Massachusetts labor union voters surrender sovereignty – give Lurch’s senate seat to Chevy Chase Eddie. Senator Squaw left to carry Massachusetts by herself. In a press conference following his 54/46 win over Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez, Markey thanked his Massachusetts supporters.  “The MassDEMS really know how to crank that machine.  That poor Mexican – Gomez – […]