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Ted speaks – without a teleprompter – at Liberty University, – hits a home run on each and every issue. Democrats,  CommieCrats,  and the establishment RiNOs are on notice; – there is an American Patriot – a Conservative who understands our Constitution – in the race. Video below the fold:

Will we witness a major change in leadership? Democrats – burned by defeat – caused in large part by the stink of Obama, Pelosi and Reid clinging to their incumbents, – may be about to replace their new minority leaders for more America-friendly faces.

A Radical Agenda:  Stand for Principle!  Defend the Constitution! Abolish the IRS ? Expand Energy ? School Choice ? Repeal Dodd-Frank ? Audit the FED ? Balanced Budget Amendment ? Repeal Every Single Word of ObamaCare ? Stop Obama’s Lawlessness ? End Corruption  ? Make DC Listen! Simple, no bravado, – certainly not about himself, […]

At RRB,  we’re guessing you didn’t see this on CNN… Ted Cruz joins Reverends Rob Schenck and Frazier White on the White House sidewalk to pray for the release of Iranian prisoner – Christian Minister Saeed Abedini, now held 1 full year – for being a Christian. And this after his 20-hour filibuster!   Ever see […]

2016: Cheney v. Hillary?

June 16th, 2013

Watching the now-healthy Dick Cheney chat with Chris Wallace this morning I was struck with a vision…Dick running against Hillary Clinton come 2016. I think the Democrats are willing to forgive any and all of Hillary’s crimes and sins [Rose Law Firm double-billing, Whitewater real estate swindle, drug smuggling, Travelgate, Lewinsky cover-up, Fast & Furious, […]

He pisses off Vermont’s senior communist – Patrick Leahy. That alone makes him my hero. Watch California gun-grabbers Al Franken and Diane Feinstein’s faces…. This was Ted last month trying to reason with gun-grabbers: