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They say child abuse is a vicious cycle; – that the abused boy becomes an abusive man. So maybe Scott Brown was abused as a boy.  He sure is abusing the people who elected him to the US Senate.  Scott’s abusive nature showed itself today when he sent a letter to the Senate leaders of both […]

I’m still thawing out from 14 hours in the snow at the polling place, – but Holy Shit! Scott Brown beats Barack Obama – [and some snarky broad named Coakley] This was a victory for independents, disaffected Dems, and our tiny band of Republicans who never gave up faith in themselves, or belief in our […]

 Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown chats with members of the Acton RTC Saturday during a visit to OctoberFest.  For more about Scott’s unique credentials and his plans for Massachusetts and the USA, visit either or Compared to Fat Teddy (RiH) and John Ketchup “WarHero”,  or that pack of Obama’s Liberal Lemmings jockeying on […]