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Hey,…just maybe…your $35 MILLION DOLLAR ad campaign is actually…pissing people off…?

Political decisions come with consequences – something Senator Lindsey Graham is learning the hard way. Once ~ mildly ~ conservative, – and a Hawk without Strategy on ISIS, – the Senator from South Carolina is polling at…Zero… Oops! His steaming bitterness bubbles like a boiling sulfur mudhole in Yellowstone,  and will attract no new voters….

McCain has been fronting for his RiNO buddy Lindsey Graham – [who has recently dropped below his previous 1% position in the polls] – while Trump has surged to the lead with 18%. So words get exchanged,  and all Hillary and Sanders can do is hope it damages the whole GOP.  But it won’t, because…

Lindsey Graham is a FAKE Republican. This year South Carolina can end the embarrassment and send him home! Check out a real Conservative:

Greenville SC GOP passes a Resolution of Rebuke dis-inviting Senator Lindsey “I’m a JAG Lawyer” Graham.  Slowly but surely Real Republicans are finding their dignity, expressing their outrage, and cleaning house of liberals, progressives, and RiNOs.  Memo to Scott Brown:  Take heed!  The folks back home know when you’ve screwed them. Watch the video