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I sure wish we had this kind of patriotism and clarity speaking for us from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! We’ve featured Senator Guillory before.  He makes us proud!

Why won’t President Obama help us? Perhaps the clearest and most incisive voice of 2014,…and beyond!  The Louisiana runoff election for US Senate (Landrieu vs Cassidy), – and for their 6th Congressional District (Edwards vs Graves) will take place this Saturday – December 6th.

A powerful new voice is rising across the South!  In quiet but piercing prose, Senator Elbert Guillory is attacking the entrenched Democrats in Congress – those who feel their seats are hereditary, – like the kings of England, the Kennedys, the Carnahans, the Dingells, the Udalls, or the Rockefellers. While his basic message is the […]

Absolutely beautiful in its straightforward message! Elbert’s message applies to all Democrats – who claim they “care about minorities”! The only minorities Dems really care about are government workers. UPDATE: Tuesday 4 Nov 2014 Tillis beat Hagan 49% : 47.3% Somebody wised up!

Simple, eloquent, and hard-hitting….and all facts… …makes you wonder what he says about Obama…. What Elbert says of Mary Landrieu could be said about Deval Patrick, – or almost any elected Democrat… To them Blacks are merely votes – kept on the voter plantation by the enslavement of welfare…

Clearly a better American than Obama or Deval Patrick will ever be! God BLESS this eloquent patriot!