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Eight (8) Democrat US Senators voted against his $15/hr minimum wage bill.  It is a major repudiation of his entire socialist agenda.

AOC abandoned on the Battlefield!   Mitch McConnell pulled his bluff on the far-left Green New Deal enthusiasts;  – he authorized a Senate floor vote.  It was defeated 0 – 57,  with 43 Democrats voting “Present”. Voting Nay were: Jones (D-AL), King (I-ME), Manchin (D-WV) and Sinema (D-AZ) Moral to the Story:   With the Mueller […]

H.J.Res.46 – Relating to a national emergency declared by the President on February 15, 2019. Voting YES today with the Democrats… Alexander (TN)  Class II              Paul (KY)         Class III Blunt (MO)         Class III             Portman (OH)  Class III Collins (ME)       Class II              Romney (UT) Lee (UT)             Class III             Rubio (FL)        Class III Moran (KS)         Class III            Toomey (PA)    Class III Murkowski […]

Despite the distraction and two RiNO defectors, the Motion to Proceed passed 50:50 with VP Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking Yes vote. RiNOs Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) joined the Democrats – as they often do. Video below the fold:

Harry Reid permits meaningless ‘gesture’ to save her political career, – knowing all along he had enough votes [including 4 lame ducks] to stop it. Left-wing enviro-wack jobs prove decisively that they’re perfectly OK with importing oil from murderous Arabs. Don’t look for a thread of reason or common sense, – there isn’t any. Think […]

Good guys squeak out a 54 – 46 win.  Thank God! A whole LOT of PATRIOTS lobbied VERY HARD for this, bucking the emotion and the frenzy that followed Sandy Hook.   Now let’s try a bill for armed guards and armed teachers.  And beware of the spite from Obama! We have some stupid and unpatrotic […]

They voted their smelly socialist thing passed the US Senate at 7:25 this morning – by a 60 – 39 Vote.  Senator Jim Bunning R-KY was absent.   Harry Reid claimed giant savings would follow,  even though the CBO issued a statement that he is counting a $500 Billion “savings” – twice!  Then they voted to […]