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He’s the North Carolina Democrat running for the US Senate. His secret private life has just exploded in the press,  – and it can only end badly for him.  VIDEO:

2-Mile Line For Trump & Hawley

September 22nd, 2018

The Deplorables and the Dregs of the Earth came – lined up for over 2 miles – for a chance to hear Josh Hawley and President Trump in Springfield, Missouri Friday evening. Josh is running to retire Democrat Claire McCaskill from the US Senate. This rally looks like a good start….video:

Don Jr and the President are among real American Patriots,  – making the case for Republican Matt Rosendale – to replace Swamp Creature Tester. Trump: “Get your ass out to VOTE!”   One of the best and funniest Trump rallies yet!

US Senator from Wisconsin – Tammy Baldwin has spent these last 24 of her 55 years on the US Government Payroll, – 20 as a Rep,  – and now 4? as a Senator.  She is both Gay and a “Progressive”,  – a graduate of Smith College. So far at least six (6) Republicans have lined […]

New Jersey,   you vote Wednesday,   – and IT  MATTERS!!  New Jersey, if you think you can trust Democrats – just look at Sandy Hook and Newark.

A day after winning the senate seat in June, – he’ll return to obscurity. He’ll go from being the 8th most senior Rep – to Lizzy Warren’s junior water boy. And Senator Squaw will be polite – even welcoming; – until she fully realizes that despite his 36+ years on the Hill, – he’s about […]

Vintage Mitt – 2008 & 1994 – betrays ignorance of terrorist group Hezbollah – and tells us the truth about ‘blind trusts’: 2008 – Mitt’s FIRST presidential run – he PRAISES Hezbollah for their medical delivery services in Lebanon, and in the next breath suggests that it must be ‘Moderate Muslims’ who reject violent extremists. 1994 – […]

Let’s face it, these last 40 years have been an economic disaster for Massachusetts.  Drive through any town or city in the state and you see the empty factories, empty mills, and empty lives.  Even buildings that once housed leading edge computer companies are now vacant.  We must reverse the business-hostile ethos that has dominated […]

Unemployed Union Guys Still Being Used By “Democrats”. Lesson for Democrats: This generation of robotic union voters is rapidly aging, and without factories is not being replaced. You can only warehouse these votes a little longer. Generations of your anti-business and anti-manufacturing legislation are having an unintended consequence – your voters may never smarten up, but they are dying off. Their grandchildren may wise up to you.

Scott Brown Visits Boxborough

November 3rd, 2009

No, it’s not “Kennedy’s seat” – they just came to believe that. That’s our damned seat, and we need Scott to go to Washington and act and vote on our behalf!