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China Joe wants to hurt as many people as possible,  – so his pick to be Assistant Secretary of Health (replacing Admiral Ben Giroir) is Dr. Rachel Levine,  – and a deliberate slap in the face of American parents of confused kids. As you’ll see by watching the video,  Levine isn’t just a transgender woman,  […]

It’s been a painfully long day in the Senate Hearing Room – as the GOP-controlled Judiciary Committee slowly explores the background and thinking of AG nominee Loretta Lynch. And she is one skilled slimy evader of the straight answer! She “hadn’t even heard” of Obama boast that “…there wasn’t even a smidgen of corruption in […]

Gina Chon and Brett McGurk were an item once. He was a National Security Advisor, – she is a WSJ reporter. He was leading the Status Of Forces negotiations with Iraq. She was a reporter. He was married. OF COURSE there were emails. Time goes by…he gets divorced…he marries Gina…he gets nominated to be our […]