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Damn!  You don’t think,…that the Old Commie…sold out…? Think of all those Bernie Babes and their $27.oo donations….

This two-faced fake Republican explains why he voted to squash your rights.  George N. Peterson, Jr. of Grafton knows the damned bill won’t stop so-called ‘gun violence‘. He just wants ‘better data’? DATA? Backstabber George sold out his party and the Citizens of this Commonwealth. [He’s probably been promised a cushy job when his current term […]

Abandoned By John Kerry…

November 25th, 2013

In his haste to cut a Nobel Prize winning ‘DEAL’, SecState John Ketchup Kerry forgot a couple of things… …like former FBI agent Robert Levinson [held by Iran since March 2007], …and Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, now held in Iran’s most dangerous jail – since September 2012 – for being a Christian. How could a […]

Kerry’s Deal With The Devils

November 24th, 2013

A lifetime of self-infatuation and visions of grandeur made him the perfect pawn in the Iranian chess game. In a bold and thoughtless stroke [because he SO wants a Nobel Peace Prize] – Kerry and Obama have sold out our allies Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The Persians will get their bombs! They will […]

Still suffering through Obama’s 1st term, – it’s increasingly hard for me to stomach John McCain’s liberal sympathies. This time it’s his rather open lobbying for Lurch [Vietnam War traitor] to become SecState. We’re told he believes Lurch would be better than Susan Rice [lifetime liar] for the job. Really John?

Demands Israel return to indefensible 1967 map.   Obama showed his true colors today as he gave a sweeping speech addressing the changes taking place across the Middle East and North Africa. Then he delivered his long-awaited bombshell. He sides with the Palestinians – and says the only acceptable peace between Israel and it’s Palestinian […]