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Here is a Sheriff with the guts to tell Americans what they need to hear.  He’s already taking heat from the left-wing surrender monkeys,  – so you know his brief video is worth listening to. You gentle souls who aren’t armed – PLEASE LISTEN!

It took an agonizing five (5) years – and two trips to court to argue the case – but there is finally a decision about DC’s draconian refusal to let honest citizens carry concealed weapons. Judge Frederick Scullin Jr., an old Airborne-Ranger Combat Infantryman from the 173rd Airborne in Vietnam, – issued a clear unambiguous decision. […]

What normally happens when agenda liberals jump to liberal conclusions? A studied examination of the actual evidence proves them – WRONG! Newly released photo of the back of George Zimmerman’s head – taken just 3 minutes after the shooting – CLEARLY shows multiple bleeding wounds – consistent with his story of having been decked, jumped, […]