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Are the MassGOP “Party Insiders” still licking their wounds over not getting their way Wednesday night?  Are they so peeved and so pissed that they’ve ignored the headline story – a story that’s making national and international news? Where is the stinging statement from ChairMouse Hughes over the failure of the DFC to keep watch […]

How Did Bella Bond Die Charlie?

September 18th, 2015

Did our SEIU-run DCF let another tiny helpless child slip through their fingers? Why was facial-recognition software not run on EACH young girl under DFC protection when Baby Doe’s body was reconstructed? W-H-E-N are you going to FIRE Linda Spears?

A 7-year old boy – beaten and starved under the uncaring eyes of your DFC, – lies in a coma… And right now – so does your governorship!

Fearing a Charlie Baker housecleaning, – Deval Patrick has unionized 500 of the Commonwealth’s ‘management personnel’.  As new members of the National Association of Government Employees, they qualify for an automatic 3% raise – and cannot be terminated by any incoming governor. Wanna bet that all 500 have religiously coughed up campaign contributions to Deval, […]

Make The Decision Deval!

April 29th, 2014

For a guy who thinks he’s good enough to be President – Deval Patrick can’t make a decision or pull the trigger. Deval, it’s way past time for Olga Roche to go. FIRE HER! We know Deval likes to hire fat chicks, – he hired a ton of them.

Another of Deval Patrick’s many disposable children. Deval Patrick expects to run for president;  Martha Coakley is running for governor, and Jeremiah Oliver stopped running last September…. His body was found on Good Friday – wrapped in a blanket, stuffed into a suitcase, and discarded 40 feet off Interstate 190 in Sterling, Mass. As we await […]

Deval Patrick, Martha Coakley, Olga Roche – EACH of these evil people have the power to step up and get Justina returned to her parents. Their failure to do so – their utter failure to to do the right thing  – is both a betrayal of their Oaths of Office – and repugnantly and utterly […]

…for DCF Commissioner Olga Roche…. Olga had a closed-doors hearing today with the Legislature.  Since she’s one of Deval Patrick’s diversity hires,…you’d think they’d go easy on her…?   Deval sure has!  Olga, did you have a good breakfast before you came?

The unholy alliance of incompetent and uncaring political appointees overseeing incompetent and uncaring state workers in America’s most corrupt union.  Any wonder that at-risk kids are placed with pedophiles or left in violent and drug riddled homes, – only to ‘disappear’?