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The easy answer is a drunken illegal immigrant from Honduras by way of Mexico – Johoan Rodriguez. But I think the better answer is every elected federal official since 1980. They have all failed to defend us from the hordes migrating across our southern border. The eight years of the Bush administration were a marked […]

Deval Patrick’s charade continues… Patriots needed to push back and demand that the governor uphold the law and honor his oath. WHERE: Massasoit College Conference Center, 770 Crescent Street [Rt 27 East] 11:30 AM.  Expect a mob.

         Apologies to the song of the 60s, but last night in Chelsea was another eye-opener.    One of our own RTC and TP members (name withheld) was too intimidated by the thought of Chelsea that she wouldn’t come alone. I met her at the cinema in Woburn and she rode in with […]

Let’s consider the situation with respect to illegal immigrants in America today. The POTUS presents his birth certificate in order to prove that he’s a legal American in order to remain POTUS. Q:  If he had to do this, then why would it be wrong for us to require any alien to produce valid documentation […]

Chelsea Collaborative Looking For Fighters In an urgent email Gladys Vega of the Chelsea Collaborative – a 1,000 member advocacy group for ‘civil rights’ [read: amnesty] for ‘residents’ of Chelsea [read: illegal immigrants] seeks Latinos in Uniform to demonstrate against the Secure Communities Program. We’ve watched other advocacy group deliberately blur the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants […]

Will Lorenzo Echevacia finally get Deval Patrick’s attention?    Lorenzo is one bad hombre! 12 aliases, 10 arrest warrants, a 2001 kidnap-rape in Saugus, drug charges, prison time, deported in 2004 to the Dominican Republic, obviously re-entered illegally,  – he is the poster child for why we need Secure Communities. As of 11 AM this […]

I witnessed a classic clash this afternoon between the rule of law and the rule of power.  Through four meeting the Governor’s staffers – goons in suits – have been empirical, condescending, arrogant, and demeaning.  In Framingham they actually told us we couldn’t take pictures in a public meeting. In Waltham this afternoon with almost […]

Is Your Community Secure?

March 12th, 2011

Iron Mike and I went to the Governor’s meeting this afternoon in Framingham to find out the community’s opinion of the Secure Communities Act.  This is currently in use in Boston and has removed nearly 300 felons from the streets and had them deported.  It was a fun time.  Not that they intended it to […]