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Can’t keep his mouth shut;   – our failed ex-governor adds his 2¢  – and naturally turns the discussion to racism… Maybe he’s still butt-sore over not getting the AG job under President Hillary…?

Funeral Mass:   High Noon Friday 9 Sep 

17 months into his term he ‘suddenly’ reversed Duh-val Patrick’s racist stance on State Cops and Secure Communities? Is Charlie tossing us a bone to quell the Bathroom Bill uproar?

He doesn’t see himself as OUR governor – he’s joined the Poverty Pimps. He won’t protect us from Evil or Fraud! First he refused to sign our state up for the Secure Communities program. Mind you, SC is a very weak law enforcement tool – designed to remove and deport only the most violent and […]

Does Governor Patrick STILL think ‘profiling’ is the issue? Two brothers from Equator – both here ILLEGALLY. Both with PRIOR ARRESTS – NOT reported to ICE. Older brother Nicholas driving drunk and without a license – runs over, drags, and kills Matt Denice – just WEEKS after Governor Patrick stood in Milford and said Secure […]

On Monday morning Marshfield went into LOCKDOWN while police scoured neighborhoods and woods looking for Marcelo ‘Bronco’ Almeida who had just killed his common-law wife Patricia Frois. BOTH killer and victim are ILLEGAL aliens.  Tuesday our socialist governor responded to questions about the Secure Communities Program by calling it ‘a publicity stunt’. Look at your […]

Because Duh-val wants him as a Democrat voter! TWICE DEPORTED for D-U-I ! Living in Marlborough. False name.  No driver’s license. WANTED by Homeland Security and ICE FIVE (5) previous DUIs! Caught in Boxborough DUI [#6] with an expired inspection sticker.

On this sad night we returned to Draper Park in Milford. We’d come there on July 12th to urge Deval Patrick to enforce Secure Communities and help deport dangerous illegals before somebody else was killed. Now we came to express our grief for Matt’s horrible dragging death, and to share our anger at the governor […]

Governor Deval Patrick refuses to protect you from criminal aliens. He says it would be ‘racist‘ to do so. So he’ll ignore them and let them live amongst you – to prey upon you – while you pay for their housing, food stamps, medical care, and educate their offspring.

In a reversal of his campaign promise, and a denial of affirmations he made last December, and as a slap-in-the-face to all the Americans who showed up at his sham hearings, Governor Patrick this morning announced that he will NOT sign on to Secure Communities.  He obviously doesn’t care about curbing crime committed by illegal […]