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Obama Plays A Race Card

June 15th, 2012

First he implements Secure Communities – OVER the objections of liberal governors like Duh-val Patrick. In an election year it makes him look tough on crime, and ~ maybe ~ tough on illegals living here. But it was just a head-fake. Wisconsin shook up the Cartel. Their own exit polling must have terrified them. So today, […]

Suck it up Duh-val, Secure Communities is coming! Our Governor was counting on our 160,000 illegals as future Democrat voters, and of course he sees their 90,000 anchor babies as ‘clients’. It all fits into the liberal version of the Nanny Welfare State. But damn, some of those illegals have been killing Americans! And while […]

I love ’em, but it’s been a tough couple of months for our 2000 Mass State Troopers. The headlines have been awful. Details below the fold. It’s WAY PAST TIME for NEW LEADERSHIP! Hey, call me old fashioned – or even a Jurassic throwback, but I think Law Enforcement Leadership should be no-nonsense hard-ass cops […]

Democrats in general have a squishy soft outlook on crime.  It is exponentially squishier here in the Peoples’ Commonwealth – where even our Attorney General Martha Coakley cannot see a crime taking place in front of her – and famously said ‘…it’s not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts‘. Listen as Boston Mayor Tom ‘Mumbles‘ Menino […]

My thanks to all you Patriots who showed up to give testimony and show support for the Secure Communities Program. And a big Hat Tip to the small but highly professional Massasoit College Police Force. The large mob of protesters we fully expected didn’t show, just the usual suspects.

Loving Illegals In Lawrence

April 3rd, 2011

Your humble RRB crew traveled to Lawrence High School yesterday to attend the third is a series of ‘hearings’ on the Secure Communities Program.  Once again the irresponsible attitudes and partisan behavior of Deval Patrick’s Administration were on display. So was the in-your-face arrogance of the illegal immigrant community and their MoonBat backers.

Obama to illegals:  “We want you to succeed”. [youtube width=”504″ height=”314″][/youtube] So much for that part of the Oath where he promised “…to well and faithfully execute the duties of the office…”.  Obama made two speeches yesterday.  Here he is speaking at Bell Multicultural High School,  Washington, DC.

Have you heard of the Secure Communities Program?  It is a way for police departments to have the fingerprints of suspects checked against an ICE database.  Under current laws state governors have to sign a memo of agreement to have their cities and towns access it.  There has been a pilot version working in the […]