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It has been soooo long since we’ve had an honorable SecState,  I’d nearly forgotten the feelings of Pride that a worthy one can invoke! Rex Tillerson took a ride Sunday – with the Patriots of Rolling Thunder.  He fit right in!

How tough are Clean Elections….if you really want them? Maybe a lot easier in West Virginia than Chicago, NY City, Philly, and Baltimore?

The Left Is Having A Shit-Fit!

December 12th, 2016

So are some members of the ‘Republican Party’…. Since one of our most pressing problems is a chronic shortage of cheap,  reliable energy,   – why isn’t the president of a world-wide energy company a great choice for SecState? Would the left prefer a failed bankrupt MoonBat?

Suddenly in a position of great power [when Obama and Rice let him speak] Kerry wants us to believe him, – after 45 years of lying his ass off? Now we’re to believe he has ‘absolute proof’ that Bashar al-Assad has used Sarin?   Really Lurch, – when al Quada could have used it to suck […]

Kerry: Learning To Be Irrelevant

February 14th, 2013

He finally got his 2004 consolation prize – he was Obama’s 2nd choice for SecState.  Now as ‘chief foreign policy spokesman’ for Obama’s weakened and diminished Am?rika – he’s finding out the big goons won’t take his phone calls. Seems Lurch decided to call the ole ‘gang of six’ when the NORKs popped their mini-nuke […]

It didn’t take long…managed to embarrass Obama even before being sworn in. On Thursday, Kerry told Globe reporters during his ‘victory lap’ that Obama called him a week before Susan Rice withdrew her nomination: “He called me, actually a week before Susan got out of the thing,”  Kerry said.  “He called me and said, ‘You’re […]

…for this role – [to continue downgrading this damn colonialist capitalist country of rich white Republican bastards]”. Big Mr. 2nd Choice – after Susan Rice:

John Kerry Awaits THE Phone Call

December 14th, 2012

Folks, as John Forbes Kerry awaits ‘the PHONE CALL’ from Obama to begin the process of nominating him as SecState – to replace Hillary, – let us NOT FORGET how totally unworthy this lying, traitorous PoS is for ANY position of trust. Upon his return from Vietnam, with the war still raging, ‘war hero Kerry’ joined the […]