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The mainstream media is certain that Nikolas Cruz is guilty,  – and he may be.   But they’re really blaming “Assault Rifles”,  the NRA,  and Trump.   Their new young “Hero” is David Hogg,  – but he’s already been caught in multiple lies. So like Columbine,  Las Vegas,  and even the Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Umpqua College […]

Why Is There Always An Asshole?

November 6th, 2016

A case of “He said / They said”?   Austyn Crites,  we say you’re an ASSHOLE! Maybe we’ll never know if he was paid by the Clintons to disrupt the Trump rally last night,  – or if he is just an attention-grabbing lone wolf…..

Kyle Olson and the American Mirror has done a nice piece of reporting – on the 10-foot wall surrounding the Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York mansion. What intruders does she fear,…fans,…media,…assassins,…ISIS,…the Sinaloa Drug Cartel,…job seekers…Arabs with cases of cash?

…and quickly meets some very ready Secret Service agents. There will be more of this;   it seems Trump is drawing out the loose nuts from their mother’s basements….video below the fold:

The AA/EEO Frump Failed!

September 30th, 2014

How many highly qualified and worthy seasoned agents were passed over so Obama could name Julia Pierson the “First Female Director” of the Secret Service?  Suddenly last week it was HIS ass in jeopardy – for a photo-op… Of the 6,700 Secret Service Agents and employees, Obama picked the desk jockey – the Chief of […]

NOTE to critics and Law Enforcement:  I’m posting this blog entry strictly as political and military speculation, – about chance, possibility, and probability.  It IS NOT WRITTEN to convey any type of threat or to urge any type of illegal action.  This is sheer speculation – nothing more. The news of the sudden ‘retirement‘ of […]

A Fitting Gesture

September 18th, 2012

Strange he was able to do that  so close.  

Eclipsing Obama

November 28th, 2009

A couple of outright frauds are unexpectedly upstaged by a couple of outright frauds. By Wednesday morning the press had a story they could actually investigate. Who were these people? What is their background? How did they slip in? Oh GOD – why wasn’t the press asking questions like these 16 months ago? Why are they still focused on the wrong frauds??!?