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Trump FIRES SecDef Mark Esper

November 9th, 2020

Esper – a West Point grad,  – managed to let Harvard then GW University soften both his spine and his brain. 

That’s my ‘nice way’ – of saying he’s proving himself an inept but fully flaming ASSHOLE!   America,  we are NOT SAFE with this Obama Toady in charge of our military. OK,  you’re asking – what did he do now? 

A truly frightening moment yesterday – Wed 4 Feb – as Obama’s nominee to be SecDEF cannot articulate Obama’s ‘strategy’ to defeat ISIS.   Ash’s  problem is that Obama has no strategy.… Everything is just for show. Anybody think ISIS is frightened…? Anybody remember when Saturday Nite Live comics mocked George W  using a word he […]

Rumors swirl:  could Obama be in so deep he’s actually about to nominate an honest and qualified man for Secretary of Defense? Or did Deputy SecDEF Ashton Carter have to mortgage his immortal soul to get the job – promising to kowtow on issues like gays, transgenders, illegals, Affirmative Action promotions, downsizing, pay cuts, “No […]

Obama Fires SecDEF Chuck Hagel!

November 24th, 2014

Despite being a lifelong drunk, – the former Vietnam Infantryman still had enough honor to side with the generals and advocate BOOTS on the ground against ISIS. So Obama beheaded him!  Will he now appoint a female, – or a gay? Kerry next? How many more loyal sycophants under the bus during these next two years?

There are only TWO reasons why Obama wants Hagel at Defense:  – to weaken America’s military, – and to leave Israel isolated.