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Kramer isn’t poor.  He got a 51% raise last year,  – $893 in straight salary,  $1.2 Million stock bonus and $3.5 in stock options,  plus other benefits which gave him a yearly total of $5.6 Million.  Why did he need to break the law?  SEC Update:  

Nancy needs to come clean.  Is her “Impeachment Inquiry” just a smoke screen to cover her own son’s shady dealings in the Ukraine?  Did all the prominent Democrats send their kids to Kiev to dig for free gold?

RRB Welcomes The Scary IRS!

August 28th, 2013

Over the past 4 years we’ve been visited repeatedly by almost every piece of the Federal, State, and Local governments. And why not?  Those folks are citizens too;…they have a right to good information! Of course in today’s Obama / Lois Lerner climate, a visit from the IRS ~ does ~ send a slight chill.  […]