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Austrian Chancellor Kurz had the courage to stand up to Germany’s Merkel, but a 2-year old sting video embroiled his Vice-Chancellor Strache in scandal, and the Kurz government just collapsed. As our Democrat (Socialist) Party heads into 2020,  – beware of who their leading thugs seem to be gravitating toward as their horse-holders.  Remember the […]

Like all modern tyrants – Turkey’s 21st Century Hitler rules by rigged elections and military might,  – not withstanding a recent military coup attempt.  He needs external ‘threats’ to distract his young population. Austria’s Chancellor Kurz has threatened to expel 60 militant Imams (being paid by Turkey) and close seven militant mosques.  Perfect!  Threaten a […]

Britain, France, Belgium,  and Germany may have surrendered to the invading hordes of Islam, but Central Europe is having none of it!   Maybe it was those decades living under the Nazis and then the Stalinists…. These new guys – Austria’s Sebastian Kurz and Czech Billionaire Andrej Babis  – are not about to follow Merkel and […]