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In the Land of the Politically Insane,  – there is at least one voice for Law and Reason. Seattle is in the news again – and again for all the wrong reasons.  The town that mandated $15.oo/hour for even entry-level floor sweeping,  – that had to dump a pervert mayor just 10 weeks ago – […]

Seattle, You Need A New Mayor!

September 13th, 2017

A Trump-hating big-city mayor resigns today! Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was a big man for $15.oo / hour,  big for Seattle being a Sanctuary City,  and a BIG Hillary supporter….  But there was an icky dirty secret…

As a long-time Vermonter,  he should have felt right at home;  – but he was cowed,  and left the stage. The cow with the ring in her nose is Mara Willaford from Black Lives Matter, who with fellow activist Marissa Janae Johnson – took over Bernie’s stage and demanded the crowd hold HIM accountable.