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Some people just can’t take “NO!” for an answer…. Keep a list of all the so-called ‘Republicans’ who are avoiding Cleveland this week,… Romney, Walker, the Bushes, Charlie Baker, Kasich, McCain, Flake, Sasse, et al,….

Two thoroughly honorable Republican Governors have bowed gracefully out of the 2016 White House run.   As a nation,  we should be grateful that we have such worthy patriots – willing to put themselves and their families through the grinder. BOTH MEN are 1000% better than our sitting pResident,  – and 2000% better than any of […]

Black Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore displays the perfect combination of historical ignorance and racial hatred; – claims Governor Scott Walker is “…tightening the loose, literally, around African Americans!” Moore is a long-time and outspoken champion of abortion and NARAL,  even though it kills mostly Black Babies.  In the video below – she explains why she […]

Scott sounds like a President to me….and he doesn’t even break a sweat doing it.  [Slide the button forward to the 2 minute mark.] Not a teleprompter in sight…

Save yourselves – while you still can.  Simply compare your spending and debt per citizen with ours.  Vote for Scott Walker – or end up suffering our fate! Unions and pro-union Democrats did this to us.  Save yourselves!