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New England Law School has a whopping 725 wannabe lawyers – in downtown Boston.  The trustees just spent months – searching nationwide, – checking out over 100 prospects for a new dean, – to start 13 months from now.  They selected former centerfold / US Senator and current Ambassador to New Zealand – Scott Brown. […]

A pro-life – pro-2A preacher from Western Mass just handed Charlie Baker a huge dose of Public Humiliation.   Tall Deval’s path to the West Wing must get past Scott Lively,  and the REAL Republicans are lined up behind Lively! Just like Scott Brown 8 years ago,  Charlie Baker quickly abandoned the very voters who […]

A Little Too Much Gail Huff?

April 27th, 2016

Which presidential contender was recently wondering aloud if Scott Brown might be among her Vice Presidential picks,…?  Yeah,  that was Carly Fiorina! At the time I cringed,  – because having frozen my feet gathering signatures for Scott back in 2009,  I remain keenly disappointed [aka mad as HELL] at what a sell-out liberal RiNO backstabber […]

RiNO Alert: Carly Fiorina

October 5th, 2015

I see this as a self-inflicted wound….  AND,…if it came true,…would leave us with Governor Polito….  Why not include Chocolate Pants?

It’s just gotta be tough – a new election cycle approaching and he just lost TWO (2) US Senate races – and nobody wants him to run – not even for dogcatcher! So Scott grabs a sidebar headline when and where he can – …even if doing so proves what we learned the hard way […]

4,900 Democrats – still haunted by Scott Brown – and still demanding unconditional abortion – select Steve Grossman as their Candidate for Governor. Coakley was snubbed with a 23% vote,  while newcomer Don Berwick is on the ballot with 22%. Now BOTH Republicans and Democrats have a primary ballot battle.

If You Like Your Senator….

December 19th, 2013

2014 is going to be a fun year politically…. Now if New Hampshire can just find a REAL Republican to run against her!   NO! Definitely not you Scott Brown – you back-stabbing RiNO carpet-bagger!

Probably waiting for the Governor run in 2014…

Replacing Massachusetts Windbags

December 27th, 2012

Will MassHoles run out of Kennedys? They’re still stunned from that cold January night in 2010 when the votes were counted and local DemDarling ‘Marsha’ Coakley came up short 109,425 votes.  Even a non-Kennedy Kennedy running as an independent couldn’t be blamed – he got a bare 22,237 votes – proving that some MassHoles will […]