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It was advertised as a vigil – a memorial and healing event for kids shaken by a mass school shooting.  BUT IT WASN’T!  It was hijacked by the Brady Gun Violence group as an anti-gun rally. The kids weren’t buying it! The politicians and the union officials came with a political message that just didn’t […]

Mamma,  your young gunslinger ain’t comin’ home tonight! The great irony is that just 6 days ago the students at Great Mills held an anti-gun walkout: UPDATED/ Shooter IDed:

Last night’s school shooting Town Hall – hosted by CNN in Sunrise, Florida,  was a well-baited trap, – and Senator Rubio (never a strong Republican) walked right in and was chewed to bits in the opening minutes.   He couldn’t see it coming? For nearly 2 hours Rubio demonstrated – painfully – why he was […]

Massachusetts Liberals should consider,…If the Douglas High shooting had occurred here in Massachusetts,  and Nikolas Cruz been taken alive,… …we have NO DEATH PENALTY!

They’re Still Blaming Guns?

December 13th, 2013

I’m not writing to open old – or fresh – wounds.  The shooting spree at Sandy Hook last December was tragic, despicable, evil, – and totally avoidable. By all accounts [since somebody thinks his ‘privacy’ needs protection] Adam Lanza was insane.  He should have been is a secure insane asylum;

He is interrupted twice by protestors, – never loses focus. If you’re a gun-hating liberal – you NEED to listen to this!