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Just exactly what our troubled State Police don’t need right now;  – questions about the integrity of their command structure. What started out as a simple traffic accident investigation has snowballed into a Trooper suing the State Police,  – and a scandal getting nationwide attention.

Is it a contest…? How many times can you scream Weinstein on your front page? WHAT real news is the media trying to camouflage or distract the public from?

It is after all – one of her favorite colors… And she’s on a self-inflicted collision course with both the FBI and Trey Gowdy. Will she end up as PotUS 45, – or just a numbered federal prisoner?

Actual conversation… Bob: “Did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?” Jim: “You mean the Mexican gun running?” Bob: “No, the other one.” Jim: “You mean the Fort Hood shooting?” Bob: “No the other one.” Jim: “You mean the one where Obama changed the Rules of Engagement for our warriors?” Bob: “No, the other one.” […]

A case of ‘When you’ve made it – flaunt it!’ From his myspace page – Darryl Foster lists himself as an alumni of George Mason Univ, Saint Leo Univ, and Mumford High in Detroit, and a 10-year USMC veteran. He says he works for the US Dept of Justice as a Supervisor of Equal Housing […]

In tiny Delaware and across our land there is ONE woman Democrats really fear, and it’s NOT Sarah Palin.  High-energy, feisty, beautiful, and solidly conservative, Christine O’Donnell is after the US Senate seat once inhabited by our Village Idiot – Joe Biden.   Why are Dems terrified – so terrified of this tiny lady that they […]

Remember those really ugly scowls on Princess Michelle’s puss?  There may have been a reason or two for them. 

Squirm You Worm – Squirm!

October 3rd, 2009

Hello Americans, David Letterman has a history of troubles. His ratings were always lower than Johnny Carson and then Jay Leno. For years an obsessed woman stalked his Connecticut home. After his son was born, a Montana painter plotted to kidnap the boy. Now debt-plagued CBS producer Robert “Joe” Halderman tried to blackmail Dave for […]