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It has been a ground-breaking 2 days!  Trump just totally eclipsed those 8 awful Obama years with his historic speech in Riyadh Saudi Arabia,   – before the delegates of 57 Muslim Nations. He was accompanied in the great hall by his wife and daughter – both bareheaded,   – a ground-breaking event in the […]

The Winds of Change arrive in the Desert Kingdom!  The Trumps land in Saudi Arabia,  bringing with them the hopes of a so-called “Sunni NATO”,  – a counter to the growing Persian Hegemony in the region. With them come an ever-so-subtle change in attitudes….

With cunning efficiency the Clinton Campaign and the Propaganda Ministry directs your attention to 2 minutes in the life of Donald Trump. ISIS and Muslims around the world are raping women – and abusing women – and selling them into sex slavery,….but you are supposed to turn away from Trump – because 11 years ago […]

The headline says it all; the ally we took 4 decades to cultivate no longer finds our leader trustworthy.  The King’s found a convenient ‘excuse’ to stay home. Between Obama’s inept retreat from Iraq,  – his courting of Iran,  – and his total bumbling of al Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram,  – King Salman would […]


February 4th, 2015

Last week following the death of Saudi King Abdullah,  Obama was able to cut short a state visit to India to stop in and meet with their new king, – King Salman. Then yesterday – upon the news of the burning death of Jordanian Lieutenant al-Kaweasbeh, – Obama had time for an immediate meeting with […]

The Obamas Land In Saudi Arabia

January 27th, 2015

Comes to ‘pay respect’ to Royal Family for their loss, – and to cement ties with new King Salman. BUT,… Michelle Obama arrogantly disembarks without a head covering.   W-H-A-T is she thinking?  Note the other American woman is uncovered too…

No doubt about it – he will spend his last two years making a mockery of his office as he pisses off allies and curries favor with enemies. Obama is flying off to Riyadh [by way of India] to bow deeply to Saudi Arabia’s new aged King Salman.  And he’s taking Michelle with him, – a […]

Could any scenario be more ludicrous than the leader of the Choom Gang planning a protracted air campaign to eliminate the terrorist problem his own arrogance created? He is so determined to NOT BE BUSH that he keeps promising the impossible – “no American boots on the ground”.   Worse, he keeps talking about “arming the GOOD […]

Maybe he just can’t grow old gracefully…. Maybe losing to GW Bush and Obama was more than he can bear. But John McCain’s antics these last few years baffle this former supporter.  Now he’s gone on a personal expedition across the Turkish border into war-torn Syria,…to meet with ‘rebel leaders’…