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Obama’s Sick Joke

April 29th, 2012

98th annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  I think even Princess Michelle was aghast… Jimmy Kimmel had the best line: “Remember when the country rallied around you in hope for a better tomorrow? That was a good one.”

Left-Wing Hatred On Parade

January 12th, 2011

CAUTION, this is a collection of Twitter postings – very very hateful and disgusting – but it shows the kind of pure hatred coming from the left wing of America.

The Sinister Shadow Of Mitt Romney

September 21st, 2010

Perhaps in all our land there is no more ruthless Republican presidential contender stalking the political back rooms and gatherings than our former governor – Willard Mitt Romney.  Mitt lost a senate race to Ted Kennedy in ’94, then went and rescued the Winter Olympics, and returned to snatch the governorship from Jane Swift.

We Massachusetts Republicans and Conservatives have been fuming of late about Scott Brown’s wandering  allegiance to the Constitution.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed elsewhere.  Yesterday Sarah Palin, speaking on Fox Business News about several issues to include Joe Miller’s amazing victory over the Murkoswki dynasty, was asked about Scott Brown – in the context of legislators […]

Another stunning win by a Conservative!  Alaska’s Joe Miller got 1668 more votes than incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski.  He’ll face Sitka Mayor Democrat Scott McAdams in November.  Barring an October surprise Miller should win.  Dem vote total was just 30,855 against a Republican total of 92,386. Are the days of “moderate Republicans” being numbered by TEA Party […]

The Left-Wing [aka “Mainstream] Media kept mocking Sarah Palin when she claimed that ObmaCare would create Death Panels who would decide the fate of old and very sick people.  They said she was trying to scare Americans.  So,  was she right after all?

Hello Americans, Sometimes you have to trust your instincts.  Like when weird things are being said on the internet about Governor Sarah Palin – by “knowledgeable insiders”. Turns out that this 49-yr old  creep – Jessie Griffin – who was working as a kindergarten assistant teacher in Anchorage – and blogging on the side [and maybe […]