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It was the worst presidential speech I’ve heard since Jimmy Carter announced his failed hostage rescue mission 35 years ago.  It equaled LBJ’s March ’68 announcement he wouldn’t seek re-election… Obama continues to slap at Israel by calling Daesh “ISIL” and not ISIS. I counted 12 times… Obama still wants us to believe that somehow […]

Silence From The MassGOP Mice

December 3rd, 2015

Two Muslim terrorists conduct a massacre of innocents in San Bernardino,   and Obama seizes the opportunity to continue his crusade against Americans owning firearms. So in this state where Liberty was born, – and where rebellion against the King was fomented under a pine tree, – the MassGOP immediately spoke out against Obama’s evil obsession. […]

Sometime today Obama will again attempt to convince his stupid followers that Radical Islamic Terrorism played no part in the deaths of 14 people at a Christmas Party Wednesday in San Bernardino. And the media [led by CBS] and his stupid followers will ignore the FACTS:  that Syed Rizwan Farook and his ‘wife’ Tashfeen Malik had […]