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The Dirty FISA Five Revealed:

February 2nd, 2018

The MEMO is OUT – Declassified by President Trump. It names Comey,  McCabe,  Yates,  Boente,  and Rosenstein as the key signers of the illegal FISA warrant applications,  – based on Hillary’s “Golden Showers” Fusion GPS Dossier.

This short video of the US Senate Judiciary Committee questioning former Acting Attorney General (fired by Trump) Sally Yates demonstrates exactly how LibTurds treat our Constitution. When it suits them,…they cling to it!   When it doesn’t fit their agenda,  – they either ignore it or try to reshape the words.  They fool a lot of […]

She was an Obama Girl….with no brains….

Sally Yates, the new Deputy Attorney General – under Loretta Lynch – has just issued the “Yates Memo” – which counteracts the old “Holder Memo”.  She’s setting the Justice Department after individual Wall Street crooks. Holder, the most racist and corrupt public official in the Obama Cartel, – ignored White Collar Crime – because Obama […]