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The pathetic rust-bucket should have been scrapped decades ago, – but this relic of the old Soviet Union is sailing – very slowly – off to war in the Middle East. Pity the 1,500 crew and airmen. Putin’s immediate goals are to crush ISIS,  secure Assad’s hold on Syria,  and neutralize Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – […]

…but did they refuse to sally forth for valid reasons?  Are their aging rust buckets unseaworthy? Last week it seems Czar Putin wanted to create a big noise in the Baltic Sea – just north of where the NATO Ministers were meeting.  But his Admirals and ship captains all refused his order….

“Accidently” releases development of Nuclear Drone Submarine…perfect for attacking port and coastal facilities. Putin was never interested in Obama having more ‘flexibility’ after his 2012 re-election;  – he was already working on humiliating him.