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The Obama Cartel – a timeless collection of incompetent wannabes, lifetime frauds and pathological liars are deciding the fate of the Levant – and maybe Israel and the USA – as we speak.  I sure hope all you damned Democrats and Socialists who voted for him last year – in spite of the clear and […]

Putin grants Edward Showden ‘Refugee Status’.             Of course, the 21st Century World MoonBats are cheering…

Folks, this one scared even me.  Trevor Loudon details Obama’s other Communist mentor – Alice Palmer.  Then he paints the bigger picture. Yes, it’s well worth 25 minutes of your life!  Please share with your doubting friends.  

Things have really gone downhill – ever since his bombastic ‘Rock Star‘ speech in Berlin. How much worse will it get before we’ve dumped him? The ‘Obama Charm’ hasn’t worked any miracles or softened any hearts. The image of a 21st Century ‘Messiah’ has come up short against 21st Century reality – and we are […]

The photo and the video tell the story.  The US and Western Europe aren’t the only places with an immigration and non-assimilation problem. Known as Kurban-Bairam in Russia – the feast of Eid al-Adha [which includes the ritual slaughter of sheep] is celebrated in the streets of Moscow. Take a peek at the video of […]

Obama Bows to Russia and Iran

September 17th, 2009

This MEssiah sure ain’t no Ronald Reagan!  No WAY!  With pressure from both Shia Iran and [formerly Communist] Russia, our pResident has decided to scrap our missile defense shield that George W. Bush had wisely seen the need for. Those negotiations with the Checz Republic and Poland had been lengthy and painstaking.  Both countries had […]