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Democrats hate Rudy because he’s been busy – digging into the money-laundering and kickback connections Obama,  Biden,  and Hillary had with the former corrupt Ukrainian regimes. Younger Americans have forgotten how Giuliani made his bones;  – as a US Attorney putting Wall Street crooks Ivan Boesky, Michael Milkin,  – and Mafia dons from the Lucchese, […]

Big Mouth Brennan,  – formerly the Obama Administration’s Leaker of Record,  spent much of the weekend threatening to sue President Trump over his yanked security clearance…. A couple of mid-morning tweets from Trump and Giuliani set the stage for the nation to see what kind of fool Brennan really is. Can’t wait!

It may go down as one of History’s greatest put-downs!  

Robert Mueller’s endless quest for something to pin on Trump has now led to a porn star’s bedroom.  Were there Russian KGB agents hiding there…? The longer the Propaganda Ministry churns this story for their masters in the Democrat Party,  – the more damage they do to our Republic, – – and by extension – to […]

Rudy Giuliani aka “America’s Mayor” has one of the most gentle tongues in politics.   When he calls Hillary and the Democrats anti-cop,  – he’s really saying much more. Listen for yourself…. 

“I have known Donald Trump for almost 30 years…” Fire and Brimstone with a New York attitude! Heart-warming 16 minute video below the fold: