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The Best Is Yet To Come!

February 18th, 2020

Trump’s latest campaign video – certainly equal to Reagan’s Morning in America! A little History lesson for those of you who weren’t here back 36 years ago: VIDEO 

DC Circuit Judge just denied a so-called ‘expedited hearing’ for ISIS bride Hoda Muthana. Based on the filing – Judge Wilson was not persuaded that this willing ISIS terrorist was ever a US Citizen. Said her ‘case’ can wait in the line to be reviewed…. This case underscores the critical and long-term importance of electing […]

To us old-timers,…it seems like just yesterday….before the Clintons and the Obama’s… …and it was a magic moment in World History.

Taken from us – a man who could make a joke – without being dirty! 2 classic clips below the fold: 

Say “Hello” to Ronnie for us,  and thank him too! Tell him we’re trying to fix this mess…..

I woke up from a bad dream this morning – the ‘Veteran’s Curse’, – and remembered back to my youth, – back when Americans didn’t wake up wondering what our government had done to us overnight,  – or was planning to do to us today… It was back when Dwight Eisenhower was running the country, […]

Private Martin Treptow 1894 – 1918 168th Infantry, IAARNG Remember when we had a President who understood that “Global Warming” wasn’t the greatest threat to our national security…?

As our community organizer fake pResident flusters about the shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines MH17,…I’m thinking of how Ronald Reagan would be acting… He wouldn’t be talking – he’d be acting!  He’d waste no time squabbling over who gets to look at the crash site or gets possession of the Black Boxes. First, he would confirm […]

‘Cause we need it today.  You’ll enjoy this one – DO watch to the very end!      h/t Trooper Pagel Remember what it was like to have an American president?  Can you imagine Reagan ever closing a war memorial?

God, I really miss this man!