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Watertown RTC Grows Some Fangs!

December 4th, 2014

Watertown Republican Town Committee A Resolution of Censure Whereas;  prior to the November 4th election,  the GOP controlled roughly 15% of the State Legislature, and held no Statewide Constitutional Office… And Whereas;  it was therefore incumbent upon all Republican office-holders and high-profile, celebrated former officer-holders to actively support faithful Republicans seeking office, or at the very least […]

Power-Hungry Grasping Hands

August 29th, 2014

Massachusetts Democrats [aka Socialists] and “Republicans” [aka RiNOs] hope you’re still too ignorant and oblivious to understand the issues in our September 9th Primary Election. Behind the scenes evil Rasputins like Ron Kaufman really don’t care much who you vote for, – because either way they get a pliable, reliable ?ber-liberal!

After all, in Massachusetts, – it’s not illegal [or uncommon] for “Republicans” to be snake-bit, silent, and inert! Who’s minding the store?  Oh,…Kaufman’s Mouseketeer?

…about this Republican Charlie Baker,…and his sweet NJ deal…” You couldn’t time it much better…. The ever-suicidal MassGOP will convene a meeting of it’s executive committee this weekend [probably by phone] with the expressed purpose of having said Executive Committee endorse Charlie Baker – even though Mark Fisher will be on the Primary Election Ballot. […]

Early reports from the courthouse,…the MassGOP Politburo has caved to the reality that they ran a Stalinist Convention, – rigged Baker’s coronation, – and illegally denied Mark Fisher his rightful place on the September Primary ballot. If Fisher can turn in 10,000 valid signatures – he’s on the ballot! The judge will let his lawyer […]

Runs slanderous Mark Fisher $1 Million headline… WHY IT FAILS ON IT’S FACE:    The poverty-stricken MassGOP doesn’t have $1 Million –  likely NEVER WILL!  Fisher knows this! 

What better way for Kaufman and the Mouseketeer to follow up on a failed convention – but to be taken to court for ballot-stuffing? This will surely motivate Independents and TEA Party Patriots to jump on the Baker Bandwagon, right Kirsten?  You just oversaw three (3) special election losses yesterday due to low turnout – […]

The Mouseketeer, [aka MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes] has held the reigns of ‘power’ for over 13 months now. She’s overseen a fake republican – ‘Navy SEAL’ – lose to Ed Markey. She’s just disavowed the pro-Life and pro-Marriage planks of her own party. And,…she seems not to have noticed that the Mid-Term Elections are just […]

You’ve had 23 full days to ponder your utter failure on June 25th – when “Navy SEAL Navy SEAL” was left stranded on the beach in Cohasset. Now we face another Special Election to fill the non-vacuum Markey leaves in the 5th Congressional District.  22 Towns are effected. GOT A PLAN YET?  GOT CANDIDATES? DO […]

MassGOP Answering Machine

December 17th, 2012

I was curious to see if the MassGOP had posted anything about either the Sandy Hook shooting or Lurch’s nomination for SecState… Nothing. So I called – at high noon today.  Answering machines only…. Hell of a way to run a political party!  So I called Momma Kangas.  She claims ‘the party is out of […]