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It was a town hall (likely staged) on Monday in Miami.  Biden’s answer should sicken you,  – and his obvious physical difficulty should alarm you.  He’s fading fast.

The DC mayor wanted to send Trump a message – she had a street painted.  She ignored the wholesale daily murder of Black babies in her city – in TWO LOCATIONS.  Killing Black babies is BIG BUSINE$$ in her town.

He’s 72,  – a Yale and Yale Law grad, appointed to the Federal Bench by Jimmy Carter in 1980,  and he has a history of squashing attempts to limit abortion in Alabama. Yes,  he’s an extreme liberal,  – back in 2014 he compared a “woman’s right to an abortion” to our 2nd Amendment Guarantee to […]

She spoke for nearly a full hour – recounted each and every detail of Kavanaugh’s confirmation process….and how she had weighed the evidence and lack of corroboration – for and against him. She did blast the person who leaked the Ford letter.  Even as she was speaking Capitol Police were clearing protesters from in front […]

The Grand Charade May Have Worked!

September 28th, 2018

It may have been the greatest hoax ever pulled off in plain sight,  – the appearance of an 11th Hour “Sexual Assault Victim” – to reluctantly come forward to testify about a 36-year old “event” that all available witnesses say NEVER happened. Pictured above is pro-abortion activist Christine Blasey Ford parading in public with a giant IUD. […]

Credits Roe v. Wade with adding $3.5 Trillion to the US Economy. Gee Chelsea – at those prices – what was each dead baby worth? She is as thoroughly evil as her parents.

As we await Trump’s naming of Justice Kennedy’s replacement,  – to be followed by the inevitable death of Justice Ginsburg,…the followers of Justice Roger Taney keep muttering “Settled Law,…settled law!” The 1857 Dred Scott Decision (7 to 2) remained ‘settled law’ until both sides had lost a total of 620,000 killed and an equal number […]