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LibTurds in government are driven by a single core belief:   that the First Duty of Government is to GROW, exponentially if possible,  – until it is too large for a single generation to disassemble. And by growing,  they mean both in sheer numbers,  – and in yearly take-home pay of EVERY government employee and lawmaker.  […]

Heaps praise on sell-out RiNO back-stabber George Peterson. All these liberal bastards sold out your 2nd Amendment guarantee of self-defense – to coddle both the gun-phobic and the true socialists – who want the population totally disarmed. Bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece – the Proud Free Republic our founders and our grandfathers fought for – and died for, […]

Oh, of course they’re calling it “Gun Safety”!  That’s what all dictators do!   Both Democrats are corrupt to the core – in total violation of their oaths to uphold, protect, and defend our Constitution – including our 2nd Amendment! Naughton, an Army Reserve JAG officer – is particularly egregious, – since he took that […]

The Speaker of the Mass House will now spend the summer screwing over your God-given Constitutionally- protected RIGHTS – to lay down a smoke screen. He’s hoping you’ll forget about 7+ years of scandals under Deval Patrick and the Democrat-controlled legislature.  Forget about Jeremiah Oliver,  Lucas Braman,  Justina Pelletier, the Probation Department hiring,  the bloated […]

Mass State Rep John Fresolo seems to be the target of an ‘Ethics Investigation’ ordered by House Speaker Bob DeLeo. OK, when you get done laughing at THAT oxymoron, – what could possibly be so bad, or so flagrant – that even a crook like DeLeo is forced to take action?  Divorced father of two […]