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Trump has sent Cease and Desist Letters to the RNC,  the RNCC,  and the RNSC to stop using his name and likeness (photos / images) in fundraising. He’s learned an important lesson;  – that not everybody who claims to be a Republican really is, – and many are coin-operated RiNOs and backstabbers,  – like the […]

Vice President Mike Pence’s acceptance speech at historic Fort McHenry,  – scene of the historic battle that began on Tuesday, 13 September 1814,  – could not have been more on target and more perfect. President Trump and Melania joined him when it was over. 2 videos:

The RNC Is Free At Last!

January 9th, 2018

Today’s hero judge – Judge John Michael Vazquez sitting in the Newark US District Court, has just freed the RNC from the awful 1982 consent decree which has prevented Republicans from challenging Democrat voter fraud for 36 years. The best part of this story is that Judge Vazquez is an Obama appointee.   Thank you Your […]

Between the RNC this week in Cleveland, and the DNC next week in Philly, Hillary will likely chew a whole bottle of Tums. Every lie,  every evil deed,  – and every political blunder she’s ever pulled will be flashed on the big screen for all the world to see,  – and for the younger generation […]

Artur Davis – Former Democratic Congresman from Alabama – seconded Obama’s nomination in 2008.  Now he’s a Republican calling for his ouster!  Ann Romney was gracious, strong, determined, and frankly – lovely.  NJ Gov Chris Christie was vintage Christie – cleaned up a tad for family viewing. I loved the commercials that ran between speakers.  […]

Was Isaac ever going to be a hurricane – anywhere near Tampa?  Did Obama’s National Weather Service overstate the danger and bluff the RNC into delaying their opening? I keep thinking of Rahm Emanuel’s words:  ‘Never let a crisis go to waste!‘


Michael Steele was supposed to be our Republican anti-Obama.  He was elected Chairman of the RNC after the 2008 McCain humiliation.  He is the former LtGov of Maryland, and was an unsuccessful Senate candidate.  He then became a Fox News contributor.  His first year as RNC Chair has been plagued with gaffs and missteps.    […]