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At least his followers were there – inside and outside the Trump event – displaying their hatred for an America that won’t provide them an automatic comfortable lifestyle. It was another window into Cleveland this July.  Video below the fold:

Texas-Sized Prison Riot

February 22nd, 2015

Everything is bigger in Texas, and today folk there are probably very glad that Wendy Davis is not their governor.  She wouldn’t have know what to do. Willacy County Correctional – Raymondville, Texas, – just 30 miles north of the Mexican Border, is a federal prison run by private contractor Management & Training Corporation. There are […]

Who’s negotiating in Egypt?

February 5th, 2011

(Posted from the Reagan Centennial celebration at the Reagan Library… where Mrs RR and I are having a great time.) rr I was listening to news reports about the situation in Egypt and saw and read statement about opposition party leaders negotiating with official of Mubarak’s government.  That got me wondering.  Who are these opposition […]