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Note carefully you REAL Republicans,  – you Conservatives,  and you Libertarians,   – during this final week of the campaign,…which ‘so-called Republicans’ are speaking out against Empress Hillary,  – and which ones are huddled at home sitting on their hands. Our very way of life – in a free democratic Republic,  – is under threat from the […]

CPAC: “Owned” By RiNOs?

March 16th, 2013

Today’s Herald headline was hard to swallow… “Healing moment” my ass,…er my RiNO! Were they that desperate for speakers to fill the schedule?

Beware Of Fake Republicans

November 15th, 2011

More evil and more dangerous than RiNOs! Not merely spies, but skilled saboteurs! As we try to rebuild our shattered GOP – both here in MassHole and across the country, Republicans and Conservatives need be mindful of the constantly lurking threat from within – the Fake Republican. This past summer saw an extreme case – […]

Fighting American Socialists

October 3rd, 2010

Being something of a history student, it is hard to look at the video and photos from Saturday’s Socialist Rally in DC without feeling pangs of fear for my country, and feeling the rage swell up in my neck.  Of course these fools have a constitutional right to free and even obnoxious speech, and I […]

All Eyes On Tuesday

November 2nd, 2009

Yesterday Dede did the Republican Party a major favor, and I thank her for it. She told her liberal RiNO supporters to vote for the democrat. Now everybody should be on notice for both the 2010 midterms and for the 2012 elections – if your candidate is a liberal – REGARDLESS of party enrollment – then they have already taken sides with the George Soros socialists.

Trust no liberals in public office. Put no RiNOs on the ballot. In every way possible thwart and stop Soros, Obama, and Company from selling out our Young Republic.