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Political decisions come with consequences – something Senator Lindsey Graham is learning the hard way. Once ~ mildly ~ conservative, – and a Hawk without Strategy on ISIS, – the Senator from South Carolina is polling at…Zero… Oops! His steaming bitterness bubbles like a boiling sulfur mudhole in Yellowstone,  and will attract no new voters….

Multiple sources report that three (3) key Florida fundraisers have just departed the campaign. Kris Money, Trey McCarley, and Debbie Aleksander – a lady with long-standing connections to the Bushes, – are suddenly gone.  Can’t wait for the next episode in this story…

Oh, wait, this is no surprise at all. Powell is not a Republican. It is purely a racist move on his part. But, as we all know, blacks can’t be racists… so, perhaps not. In any case, the MSM will make hay with this all day long as if anyone should be surprised. I’m not. […]

Another RINO bites the dust as the Tea Party shows that it hasn’t been dormant, it was just working the opportunities. Yes, the days of the flamboyant Tea Parties are past us as we move into the new era of Tea Party activism. We’ve spent a lot of time learning politics over the past two […]

Mitt Romney – Go Home!

June 12th, 2011

Ann Barnhardt has a gentle suggestion for Willard . . . and I think I’m falling in love!

Pathetic RiNOs On Parade

February 23rd, 2011

People sometimes ask me skeptically what my definition of a RiNO is.  I usually talk about “Cafeteria Republicans”, who somehow are very concerned with taxes and spending – or a 41B development near their mansions, but are quite willing to cave on school budgets, abortion, gay marriage, DA/DT, the 2nd Amendment, and Socialist-inspired unconstitutional laws. […]

Is Senator Scott Brown Bi-Polar?

November 30th, 2010

Why would a US Senator from a food-producing state like Massachusetts vote with 56 Socialists, 2 quasi-Socialists, and 14 other RiNOs for Dick Durbin’s Food Control Bill? Have you been having massive problems with poisoned food?  Have you been demanding more food safety as a national priority?  Have poor people been flooding hospital ERs with […]

Greenville SC GOP passes a Resolution of Rebuke dis-inviting Senator Lindsey “I’m a JAG Lawyer” Graham.  Slowly but surely Real Republicans are finding their dignity, expressing their outrage, and cleaning house of liberals, progressives, and RiNOs.  Memo to Scott Brown:  Take heed!  The folks back home know when you’ve screwed them. Watch the video

I’m feeling embarrassed and betrayed – the way a man must feel when his wife announces she’s leaving him – for her lesbian lover.  Scott Brown said he would be our 41st vote,  that he would stand up for the Constitution and against the perverted liberal interests.  Now instead of just voting like Olympia Snowe and […]