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Once the Civil War ended in 1865,  the Democrat Party had to fall back on their old reliables,  – lying, blame-casting, and buying votes with taxpayer money. Today one of Connecticut’s most prominent serial liars finds himself in a fight with our President.  As Trump points out – he’s on damned shaky ground.

As the Vietnam war raged,  claiming 612 Connecticut men,  – young Richard Blumenthal received five (5) draft deferments, – before joining the Marine Reserve in 1970. His most dangerous assignment was Toys-for-Tots in Seattle. But he needed to be a hero,  – so he spun stories about the trauma he’d experienced returning from Vietnam and being […]

This ought to hard-boil your brain today. With our National Debt at $16 Trillion, – with no budget in 1123 days – our Cosmo-RepubliCrat Senator Scott Brown turns his legal talents to the critical business of chickens laying eggs.   He feels they need new Federal Regulation to get the job done!?!? No, I’m NOT […]

Democrat Wannabe Has NO CLUE!

October 6th, 2010

Lifetime political hack Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal’s entire life has been spent as a a lawyer or a government employee.  Now he wants to be the next US Senator from Connecticut.  Watch as he stumbles and blusters trying to answer the simplest economic question: “How do you create a job?”  He can’t answer because he […]

When A Liar Backs A Liar

September 16th, 2010

It must be tough on a former “Combat Marine” to be getting his ass whupped by a girl.  Unless of course he’s not really a “Combat” Marine; – just a stateside one who lied and told war stories about it for nearly 40 years.  Good thing that nice liberal Judge Smith out in San Francisco’s […]

Really Bad News Day For Obama

September 9th, 2010

First Obama said it was OK for Muslims to build a Victory Mosque on the Twin Towers site in NYC.  Then he tried to back off that one.  Then he said this was the Recovery Summer.  But unemployment went up while his wife was vacationing in Spain.  So he took the family to Martha’s Vineyard, […]

Voters: Beware Of Phonies!

August 23rd, 2010

Why do some veterans seem to support the worst phonies? I remember John Kerry showing up for a campaign event in Worcester in 2008 – with Max Cleland and a busload of veterans they’d policed up from the Pine Street Inn in Boston.  If you weren’t aware of what you were seeing,  it looked like […]

  Connecticut’s AG has an embarrassing John Kerry problem – an exaggerated war record.  And of all things, the Grey Lady herself – the NY Times – is running the story.  Wow,  I guess circulation and advertising are down – they’re resorting to desperate measures –  real investigative journalism – on a Democrat.