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A little power,  – a lot of fear,  – a governor unsure of herself,  – some bad advice,  – results quickly in an abuse of Constitutional Protections. Article IV, § 2:  The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states.

Rhode Island Cupcakes and Buttercups are ERUPTING! Suddenly 81-year old proprietor Tony Polseno Jr. is “under fire” for displaying his Lyin’ Hillary doll…. The Hillaryphiles are traumatized!  Quick,  – send in the grief counselors!

And now the last Camelot torch-holder calls it quits.  Exit stage left.  Rhode Island’s substance abused Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy has taped a TV message to be aired Sunday night – Valentine’s Day night – saying he won’t seek re-election.  Not to be cold, but here is another chip off Old Ted’s bung that America […]