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Dear Angry Protester: I never cared if you were “gay’ or whatever acronym you chose to call yourself,  until you started making a public nuisance and spectacle of yourself, demanding attention and public adulation.  When you forced your way into the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade,  and started to adopt straight orphans and teach gay sex in […]

The Party of Perpetual Victimhood is at it again,  stirring up the racism pot by holding hearings about slavery’s “continuing impact” and what America should be doing for “Restorative Justice”…. It’s a ploy to make stupid and uneducated Blacks believe the Government and White People OWE them….  It is racial agitation like this which keeps […]

Desperate to defeat Trump and regain power over your lives,  the Squaw and the Whore promise to pay Blacks, – who were never slaves – with money taken from White Taxpayers, – who were never slave-owners.   Clever or sick?

She’s been a one-trick pony all her life – a race-baiting poverty pimp;  – and she’s still hard at it. Brief video and commentary below: 

More ACORN Bullying Tactics

July 22nd, 2010

Here is ACORN – this time in Chesterfield, Missouri [16 miles due west of St. Louis] – storming a Chase Bank branch – to “renegotiate” the terms of a mortgage.  They had tipped off local TV station KSDK, thus the video record. While the audio is poor – toward the end you can hear the […]