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Many of you have seen this short video on Facebook . If you haven’t,  take the 4 minutes! Vetting immigrants from hostile lands isn’t a “Trump Issue”,  – it’s a survival issue;  – but for 8 years Obama giggled and looked the other way…   WHY?

Muslim women in the audience didn’t want to hear the facts;  – they’d come in their hijabs to make their statement,  to disrupt and heckle. Milo was more than ready for them.  5½ min entertaining video below the fold:

Neither our Bible nor our Constitution were written to be suicide pacts,  but liberals have used both to weaken us. It’s way past time to wake up and smell the jihad. Despite fear of the Kraken,  Columbus sailed west specifically because sailing east meant near-certain death at Muslim hands.   524 years later,…damned little has changed. […]

UPDATE:  at least 6 dead,  gunmen being hunted in Munich Germany’s Olympia Einkaufszentrum Shopping Center. Next time you’re in an American mall, – take a close look at those unarmed “mall cops” who are supposed to be preventing shoplifters.  They couldn’t handle a terrorist! Remember September 2013,  when Al-Shabaab attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, […]

Obama is itching to go rushing in – but he has no clue what to do.   31 million people are without toilet paper, food, medicine, electricity, and increasingly without hope. But President [military dictator] Nicolas Maduro will use extreme violence to cling to power.  His only alternative is prison or being shot.   The player […]

More ‘fundamental transformation’ is on the way.  Tens of thousands of Muslim ‘refugees’ to be resettled in “receiving communities” by HUD,-  and fully subsidized by your generous tax dollars. It seems the initial planeloads will be coming from Syria, Somalia, and the Congo.  What could ~ possibly ~ go wrong? How’d those Muslim ‘refugees’ from […]

Syria & Greece: Two Failed States

February 13th, 2012

Liberal Socialism and Dictatorship both in flames. Greece is today where Obama wants to take us.  A series of Greek governments has spent 40 years bribing people to be ‘happy’ with generous government jobs – all on borrowed money. Now the credit card is maxed out. Syria is a country run as a ‘family business’ […]

Obama Ignores Earthquakes

January 14th, 2010

Earthquakes happen all the time. Most are so minor we barely notice. Even here in Acton, MA we get occasional minor tremors – the Appalachians are still moving.  There was a big magnitude 6.5 roller on Saturday, Jan 9th, 27 miles West of Ferndale, [northern] California. Damage was minor, no lives lost, and recovery well […]