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Masochism? Or Massive Voter Fraud?

September 15th, 2021

Given the chance to escape the fate of being a Third World Country,  Californians may have sealed their fate Tuesday.  More left-wing edicts and taxes are on the way,  – as every business that can escape will head for Texas – or China.

Can’t wait for Newsom to blame his raging forest fires on “Global Warming”,  – and of course on Trump!

Unite Norman just turned in 20,560 signatures in their attempt to force a recall election of their new mayor – Breea Clark.

This is a tale about poor judgment and reflexive Democrat blame-casting.   And you’d never know the tawdry truth from the media.   So give Turtleboy Sports the credit for breaking yet another Democrat scandal.  Updated 7 June: 

Union bluster and bullying failed. Obama KNEW – stayed away! In 2010 Scott won 52.3% – 46.5% even with the usual slew of dirty tricks by unions and democrats. This time – despite 18 months of street protests, capital sit-ins, outright thuggery, corrupt pro-union cops and judges, and tons of outside union / Soros money […]