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They were gifted in so many ways – with vision, strength, courage, tenacity,…and yet there was a vast reservoir of pure evil in both – just under the surface. I was in high school – maybe a freshman, – when I first learned of the Cuban Revolutionaries fighting for Freedom in the Sierra Maestra Mountains […]

13 Million illegal Mexicans roam the USA freely,  – some in gangs,  some committing murder,  rape,  DUIs, robberies,…abusing our welfare system and overloading our schools.  Now, suddenly after visiting Cuba,…Obama wants to deport an outspoken Cuban escapee? Ramón Saúl Sánchez has been here as a refugee for nearly 50 years,  and is a leader of […]

Obama Continues To Nauseate

March 23rd, 2016

Remember August 2014, – his 8-minute dash back to the links after the Foley beheading? Could any imaginary display more egregious indifference..? Obama managed – several times – during his Cuban Holiday.