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Backed into a corner with the evidence,  Faucl calls Senator / Doctor Rand Paul a LIAR! After denying it in sworn testimony for over a year,  – leaked emails have PROVEN that Fauci was FUNDING gain-of-function research at China’s Wuhan Germ Warfare Lab.

Senator Rand Paul (a medical doctor) takes on Doctor Fauci, but CNN finds another doctor to instill FEAR into their audience…   You see people out jogging alone on country roads – wearing masks,  – and people alone in their cars – seemingly afraid they’ll catch COVID from their steering wheels.  (Yes – there are […]

He’s vowed to let the Patriot Act expire tonight,  and his cult-like followers are praying that he can make it happen.   So are the Muslim terrorists…. Rand is perhaps America’s most high-profile Libertarian, – and there can be no doubt of the steadfastness of his convictions.  The issue before the Senate this afternoon – and […]

Rand Paul’s Wishful Thinking

January 31st, 2015

The abrasive Senator sees himself as a front-runner,  and just called Hillary a “Blast from the Past”. Rand may wish she’d just go away, but it’s just wishful thinking.  I don’t believe the young man has fully analyzed his opponent, – nor has he surveyed the 2016 political battlefield.  It won’t be just Hillary the […]

Time To Flush The RiNOs

September 24th, 2013

It turns out we have fewer – far fewer – REAL Republicans in Washington than we thought.   It’s time to inventory their votes, – count their lies,  and dump the RiNOs! Ted Cruz,  Mike Lee,  and Rand Paul have caused the RiNOs to fully reveal themselves. RiNOs like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, John Cornyn, Jeff […]

The Senator is way easier to listen to than his dad….

2016: Cheney v. Hillary?

June 16th, 2013

Watching the now-healthy Dick Cheney chat with Chris Wallace this morning I was struck with a vision…Dick running against Hillary Clinton come 2016. I think the Democrats are willing to forgive any and all of Hillary’s crimes and sins [Rose Law Firm double-billing, Whitewater real estate swindle, drug smuggling, Travelgate, Lewinsky cover-up, Fast & Furious, […]

Where Was Senator Squaw?

March 7th, 2013

“Does President Obama believe – he has the right to kill American Citizens – asleep in their beds – in the United States – with drone strikes?” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul spent 13 grueling hours filibustering the nomination of Obama hack John Brennan – to get an answer to that question. Joined by several young […]

Your Morning Puke

January 24th, 2013

At 10:54 – a protestor is ejected –