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Obama buddy “Father” Michael Pfleger is an avowed commie,  – and today he tested his ability to stop interstate traffic.  Commie Mayor Rahm Emanuel (runs a ‘Sanctuary City’) let him get away with it. In Pfleger’s twisted logic,  – the City should be providing JOBS to Black People,  – as a way to stop the […]

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a truckload of dead bodies in the South Texas sun…. ‘Sanctuary City’ mayors don’t do the actual smuggling – but they provide the BAIT.  And they advertise it loudly….

The South Side of Chicago has been a war zone for years.   Democrat politicians downplay the shootings,  the murders,  and the suffering of the folks who live there,  – specifically because most are Black.  Most often when they say anything, – they blame the police…. Which has created an environment where the gangs feel entitled […]

The high-profile political wonk – advisor to TWO Democrat presidents – is in big trouble – mostly because of a year-long cover-up. He was up for re-election last April – and a police dash-cam video of a white cop shooting a black thug LaQuan McDonald [16 times] might have caused him to lose.

The MOST crime-ridden and corrupt system in America closes 50 failing schools. They’re SO BAD they cannot be saved. There aren’t enough good teachers, honest administrators, or cops to keep them open. They took decades to get that way.

ANYthing to make a deal…damn the consequences! Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stands firmly behind HIS career; – will OK a contract with no teeth to remove Chicago’s many sub-standard teachers; calls it ‘an honest and principled compromise‘.  Only a lifetime Chicago Democrat could swallow that crap! Teachers will get their 16% raise while kids will continue […]

Chicago’s New Thug King

February 23rd, 2011

Obama’s buddy and former White House Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel, having survived several court battles over his empty apartment and residency credentials, has been voted by a 55% margin as Chicago’s new mayor, er…KING! He’s probably the best connected mayor in the land.  He has been a close friend of all the new-world socialists around Obama, […]

A James O’Keefe video exposing everyday FRAUD, WASTE, ABUSE, and OFFICIAL indifference in our US Govt.  This time it’s the Census Bureau – who will be sending goons to your front door.  Watch the video – as much as you can stomach, and I’ll try explaining why it’s even worse than you’re seeing.

The “crisis” was concocted for the benefit of the world press, with the intent of vilifying Israel.  For Hamas it would be a win-win situation any way it ended.  They got their wish.  By way of background,  the biblical strip of blood soaked sand and rock known as Gaza has been under Hamas control since their […]