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It took our racist VP (Willie Brown’s old mistress) to break the tie and confirm the Hairbun from Hell to be the US Attorney for Massachusetts. Yet another reason for honest people to leave the state. 

The surest way to know if a Democrap is a racist is when they’ve started counting people by skin color – not character. And so it was yesterday in Virginia – when Terry McAuliffe lamented that 50% of the students in the state were “of color”,  – while 80% of the teachers are White.

Is she really afraid of American Flags,  – or is she just trying to play the RACE CARD for a little attention…? How insulated has her upbringing been,  – that the sight of pickup trucks flying Old Glory on Long Island triggers her inner fears?  VIDEO:

Eight long years of living like Third World Potentates,  they can barely be bothered with going through the motions and customs of National Leadership…. Michelle,  her mother,  and her spoiled children don’t even pretend to enjoy the event,  – where a tree outshines their celebrity….

Major donor and well-known left-wing political thinker says Blacks who support Trump are ‘seriously fucked in the head’… Another O’Keefe video below the fold!

OMG!  Per the Herald,  this corrupt racist LibTurd is on Hillary’s VP short list? Hey Duh-Val,  if she picks you – will your slush fund manager Betsy Wall get a speaking part too?

Dripping anti-Republican venom,  the fake Cherokee from Massachusetts – totally ignores illegal embryo harvesting and claims Republicans are trying to ‘strip women of their health care’.  Then she includes Fox News!?!   WTF? What she’s doing is insuring that abortion clinics will continue to fund her political ambitions and campaigns – with $$$$.  She actually […]

Good Riddance Eric Racist Holder!

September 28th, 2014

All you needed to do to become a living legend was be color-blind, – to be America’s Lawyer; – but you chose to be a vindictive racist asshole…and a compulsive and instinctive liar. You did America no service Eric. You hurt Black Americans the most by substituting your racism for leadership. You widened the racial gulf […]

Our wannabe president – Governor Patrick – just cannot keep his mouth shut! First he injects himself into a private business matter – the future of the Market Basket food chain… Then he plays the RACE CARD with the ease and skill of a Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton, – or an Eric Holder. […]