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Phyllis Schlafly died Monday and almost nobody under 50 has a clue who she was,  and how hard she struggled against the Progressive Left – in both political parties.  They also know nearly nothing about Margaret Sanger – the “Dark Evil Angel of the Democrat Party”. This election – the contest between Trump and Clinton […]

Hillary Clinton’s Race Card….

September 4th, 2016

A short and truly obnoxious compilation of ‘Classic Hillary’ – dealing with race issues and Black people…. Please don’t watch in the hour before your Sunday dinner…

He dissects the bitch item by item,  – and can barely keep from laughing as he does it. Sadly,  much of Watson’s short rant will go totally over the heads of Hillary’s dowager fan base,…but you’ll enjoy it!

Council Member Kris Murray had authored an anti-Trump resolution last week.  Then came a young Mexican-American to issue her a rebuke: “I am deeply offended by your campaign since you subscribe to the liberal narrative that minorities need to be coddled and protected by the government – – as if we are incapable of looking […]

He’s going to ‘investigate‘ the Chicago Police Department.  We at RRB can damn near write his report this morning…. You remember Gov’nr Duh-Val Patrick – that knee-jerk racist jerk – who is Obama’s buddy? He’s been called upon by Rahm Emanuel to come to Chicago [where he was born] to take the pressure off the […]

Born to be the turd in the punchbowl?   The entire majesty and power of the Federal Government,  – with all it’s 50 years of AA/ EEO/ Inclusion laws, quotas, and hiring regulations,  – couldn’t make Vester successful or happy? He was ~ almost ~ Black [like Obama],  gay,  and worked for a series of TV […]

If you haven’t heard hate speech in awhile,  the video [below the fold] of Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz stirring up racial hatred and encouraging murder in Charleston today should be a wake-up call. He is as evil as any ISIS beheader. In the video he refers to the ‘unfinished work’ of Denmark Vesey […]

Is Stone Mountain Next?

June 23rd, 2015

Across the Muslim World – fundamentalist groups like the Taliban,  al Qaeda,  and most recently Daesh / ISIS have busied themselves destroying any and all artworks and antiquities – some dating back thousands of years. Anything THEY deem ‘offensive to Islam’ must be destroyed…. And now here comes Amerika’s Politically Correct Taliban – to haul […]

Shana Poohpooh Latrice posted something pretty stupid on Facebook – and the immediate public reaction it caused got her fired. OK, the Brookfield Zoo fired her, – but who taught her to hate white people?  She is the product of the Chicago School System. Who led her to believe that Facebook is private?

He Hates ALL Of Us – A LOT!

November 20th, 2014

No matter what words Obama uses tonight to announce and explain his Executive Amnesty, – the real take-away is how much he despises America and our citizens. No ruler since George III has detested us so much. Tonight’s announcement won’t really be about ‘fairness to hard-working people’,